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BRUZIEX PROTEOLYTIC ENZYMES: A doctor-developed powerful formula combination of Trypsin and Chymotrypsin, designed to help your body to recover fast from trauma, surgery and chronic health problems such as arthritis, allergies and increased inflammation

BRUIZEX SUPPLEMENT: To decrease bruises, welling and pain and shorten recovery after surgical procedure such as cosmetic, orthopedic surgery and dental procedures. Promotes wound healing and helps the body to heal from chronic illnesses by decreasing body inflammation and boosting the immune system

INGREDIENTS: Trypsin and Chymotrypsin -the two most potent proteolytic enzymes that have demonstrated in scientific medical literature multiple health benefits: decrease pain, resolve bruising and swelling, enhance recovery after joint, back and shoulder surgery, improve allergies, relieve sinuses, tinnitus, improve scaring, soften scars and keloids, and promote wound healing

HOW TO USE: Take two capsules there times day between meals. Highly recommended by plastic and orthopedics surgeons, physical therapy and skin specialists and professional athletes. Can be used with arnica, bromelain, bruise and scar cream, antibiotic ointment, keloid balm, wound cleanser, silicone sheets and tape