OPTISCAR: Scar Removal Silicone Sheets with Scar Massage Tape

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OPTISCAR: Scar Removal Silicone Sheets with Scar Massage Tape I For treatment of new and old scars and keloids away from surgery, injury, burn, acne, C-section I Medical Grade Silicone I I16 sheets


WHAT IS IT: new unique approach to care for scar and keloids. Created by Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in US based on feedback from patients recovering from cosmetic surgery. OPTISCAR consists of two types of scar care tapes: silicone sheet - applied directly over the scar and scar micro massage tape that is applied over scar sheet. Using micro massage tape allow to additionally massage the scar during natural body movements and firmly secure silicone sheet to prevents from pealing off.

HOW DOES IT WORK: Silicone sheets creates optimal healing  environment for scars and keloids by applying pressure and balances natural moisture of the skin. Micro-massage tape applied over scar sheet secures it firmly to the skin and stretches scar collagen fibers with natural body movements, improves blood and lymphatic flow for faster healing.


WHAT SCARS IS IT FOR: New and old scars from plastic and cosmetic surgery, liposuction, abdominoplasty breast surgery, c- section, stretch marks. Can be used with other scar care products such silicone strip and pads, scar cream, gel, ointment, lotion and serum.


DIRECTIONS: Clean skin and scar area to remove natural skin oil and debries. Trim silicone scar sheet to required size and shape. Apply over scar area. Trim micro-massage tape to slightly larger size to be able to cover scar sheet completely. Gently apply over scar tape without stretching. Pet area gently for better adherence. Wear up to 4 days. Tape can get wet in shower or bath. Air dry if needed. Rinse tape in cold water and re-apply if needed. 


KEY BENEFITS: Excellent value - 8 sheets silicone scar sheets and 8 micro massage tapes for same price.  Much longer durability - use one sheet with tape up to 4 day - use one package up to 6 months.


No more annoying pealed tape. Firm and comfortable under clothes. Clinically tested. Contains no toxic materials.