Post Lipo Pain Bruise and Swelling Cream : 10 Jars

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Pain Bruise and Swelling Cream

Arnica and Vitamin K Healing Gel 


Bruizex pain bruise and swelling cream is a powerful anti-inflammatory skin care formula that reduces pain and decreases the appearance of bruises and swelling after trauma and surgery.

This unique moisturizing gel is recommended by healthcare professionals to help decrease pain and appearance of skin bruises and swelling in patients undergoing cosmetic surgical procedures or suffering from soreness in muscles, joints, and tendons. Excellent to use as a topical analgesic for care after sports injuries.

Nature’s most potent natural anti-inflammatory and anti-pain agents were handpicked and combined in one powerful blend.

Arnica Montana has been used in medicine for centuries and Its powerful anti-inflammatory effects are well documented in medical literature. Bruizex cream contains Menthol – natural analgesic to help with pain associated with tissue injury.

Bruizex pain, bruise and swelling cream can be safely taken with other anti-bruising agents. This product was designed to enhance anti-bruising effect of Bruizex oral supplement (Bromelain and Quercetin Complex) that have been successfully used by thousands of people.

Bruizex pain, bruise, and swelling cream is perfect to help with recovery after cosmetic surgery, sport injury and great relief for those suffering from chronic skin, muscle, nerve and joint pain.

Enhance your recovery!! Recover Fast with Bruizex!



Arnica & Menthol Healing Formula


A NEW BEST-SELLER in the Bruizex line, this potent anti-bruising and anti-swelling solution includes pain relief agents like arnica montana, menthol, aloe vera, MSM, tea tree oil, ilex leaf extract and vitamins E and B6

HELPS TO HEAL whatever ails you, from skin and muscles to joints and tendons, while reducing appearances of bruising - recommended by plastic and orthopedic surgeons as well as cosmetologists and other skin care professionals

EVEN BETTER TOGETHER with the Bruizex Bromelain & Quercetin Supplement - apply cream topically, take supplement orally, and get better in no time

GOES ON EASY and leaves no greasy residue, increasing circulation and alleviating pain and inflammation right away MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE ensures you only pay if you see results


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